Bbraun Medical N.V.

Really happy to show you this awesome project which was given by B-Braun Medical N.V. For those who doesn’t know who B-Braun is, basically if you go to any hospital most of the tools and machines which are used there are a product from B-Braun.

For this project B-Braun asked me and my partner Apollo Journey to help them get a bigger share in the ostomy market. To reach this goal we had to give the customer better and more clear information about the product and we wanted this information to be interesting and fun to “digest” ;).

As you can imagine this is a hard task because Ostomy’s aren’t really something you speak openly about, and most of the time people find it digusting.

So what did we exactly do for B-Braun? We created a full information package which you get at the hospitals, and ofcourse at scholarships. Everything you will see is designed and animated by Motion Guru. For the 360 video I partnered up with Apollo Journey to help get my designs into 3D space.

What you find in this information package is the following:

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