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Project Description

Graduation project: The Vault

The Vault, a projectmanagement System from IC3D Media. For this project I’ve researched and implemented the following question:

How can we update and redesign Projectmanagement System The Vault to streamline internal processes and get the system ready for sale.

During this process I’ve been responsible for functionality, user friendliness and identity design. When developing this system I’ve tested my designs on users (User Centered design). Thanks to this approach I had more certainty about the end result, since the system got updated and put live throughout my graduation.

Thanks to my graduation partner Mitch de Peffer we were able to actually develop my designs into working prototypes, which then could undergo a series of user tests untill we’ve found a definitive form.

I’ve also written recommendations for the company about the future of The Vault. All recommendations are made to make the system more modern and internal processes more coherent so the company can work more efficient.

The Vault is developed towards a professional product where companies can keep track of their projects and hours in a more structured and user friendly environment.

You can click on the image below to enter the prototype, you don’t need to fill in any information to login.